A interatividade, as novas mídias e a expansão dos horizontes da publicidade. 1  - Mono Animation

Interactivity, new media and the expansion of advertising horizons.

Advertising is a dynamic segment that easily adapts to new technologies. The most recent trend is to use interactivity, along with new media and social networks. This experience between customer and brand approximates both of them, since the consumer actively participates on the campaign.

The brand Hellmann’s, along with the agency Cubocc and the producer The Kumite, bet on interactivity on its campaign at the event Rock In Rio. Internet users were invited to tweet comments about the event using the hashtag #RockInHelmanns. Some selected tweets were answered by no other than Tiago and Tomás, giant animated tomatoes that were displayed on the jumbo screen at Rock In Rio.

How was Hellmann’s able to put a tomato on the jumbo screen at Rock In Rio answering tweets virtually in real time? The answer came thanks to a lot of study, the use of high technology and the creativity of the actor and comedian Marco Gonçalves.
Mono Studio, responsible for the project’s interactivity, created a capture system, mixing animations that were used as presets for movements that Tiago and Tomás – the tomatoes – would make on the scene, such as waving or head banging. Each gesture was assigned to shortcut keys on the PC keyboard. At action time, the creative team from the ad agency read, selected the tweets and, along with Marco Gonçalves, thought about hilarious answers to the internet users.
Once the script was ready, it was recording time. Mono added to the project the team from DOT, which did real-time capturing via mark-less sensors (with no marking point, via faceware software). Meanwhile, the Mono team assigned gestures to everything the tomatoes said. Then, the material was sent to the event site for projecting on the screen! The result? Couldn’t have been more gratifying.

On the campaign for the new Ford Focus, Ford, along with the agencies Cricket Brasil and Blue Hive and with Google, bet on using interaction for the launch of the model’s new website. At visiting the page, the user faces two scenarios: Monaco and Atlantic, where he can drive his Ford at a race on both tracks.
To make this project come to life, Mono worked on the visual development and construction of 3D elements. The material was sent for programming at the software developed in Javascript and posted on the website. This way, the client can experience driving the new Ford Focus without leaving home, on the tracks car lovers covet the most.

Ford Focus FastBack Experience – Atlantic:

ExFord Focus FastBack Experience – Mônaco: