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Animation techniques evolution, for Advertising Campaigns

At the centenary celebration of Brazilian animation, we give thoughts about the current potential of animation in comparison to the transformation of the techniques over the years. Check out!

Animation techniques evolved to so many options that almost there are no limits for creation. It went from “moving cartoons” to the creation of whole new worlds, beyond we could have imagined it.

A Transformação das Técnicas de Animação no Mercado Publicitário 2  - Mono Animation

Initially, it was all about to understand how to give the character’s movement, and which techniques use for it. Animations were made only for the movie theater, with less than 5 minutes, and animators give life to characters. About the tools, the North American Earl Hurd, in 1914, revolutions the market: the simple process of drawing over a transparent paper of celluloid could spare animators of many re-drawings of the same sets and characters. New worlds could begin.

After a while, this technique started to be used for animation over live-action footages, focusing on fluid movements. “Alice Comedies”, created by Walt Disney, get highlighted for showing footages of a little girl “interacting” with animated cartoons, painted over the frame video. Soon, animation has won a new function. It mixes with real footage to interact with our reality and transforms it.

In that way, Alice from Lewis Carrol started to eternalize on newest generations’ minds, by multiple techniques, of “Alice Comedies” to the classic 2d animated feature color film, and recently with the marvelous Wonderland pictured in CGI by Tim Burton. All between so many other adaptations, that kept boosting licensing sales and products for Disney.

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Not only Disney notices that financial boost due to its characters’ enchantment. Step by step brands started to use animation to create modern and attractive campaigns. And with this new market, the animations techniques could evolve more.

Lots of styles, softwares, and techniques became popular. Even with the CGI evolution, the classic art of traditional animation or Stop Motion continues to give special treatment for the campaigns. CGI can also simulate these techniques so well that those who watch barely can understand which technique is being used. The characters’ movements can be slowed to simulate a Stop Motion animation, for example. Like the Arno project (below).

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Speaking of not knowing the technique being used, what can we tell about the Special Effects (VFX) that creates whole new worlds like the trilogy of The Lord Of The Rings, or Game of Thrones, that makes us lose the distinction between what’s real, live-action, and computerized? The brand gets stronger not only by selling DVDs, the audiovisual product; GoT even sells unusual products like wine,candles,theme bakery, besides clothes, action figures, etc.

Just for advertising, we are talking about 3 uses of animation: promoting characters for Licensing products (Alice), special campaigns with enchanting techniques (Arno), and promote a lifestyle (GoT).

Beyond CGI evolution, we are living in an era of new gadgets, new media for the contents with their own languages, like Virtual Reality glasses (VR). Instead of bringing animation to our world, they are capable of transport us for the digital world, where we can dive walk to where our imagination allows us to create. Or even Augmented Reality (AR), that shows us a mixed reality, and tends to become popular over the next years, due to the easy access by the phone and diverse functions it can offer.

Truth is that using 2D, 3D CGI, VR, AR, Stop Motion, or hand-drawn frame by frame, we might merge the different techniques with creativity to impact people, create experiences that transmit the message in a memorable and effective way. Fascinate.

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