BRANDED CONTENT em Animação: Saiba porque este assunto foi tão comentado no Rio Content Market 2017 1  - Mono Animation

Branded Content in Animation: See why this subject was so commented on Rio Content Market 2017

The producers Mono Animation and Singular Midia&Conteúdo talked about the creation and production of the animated series of Ripilica’s World, by Marisol.

March 2017, at the Rio Content Market – the biggest event of audiovisual market in Brazil – the subject Branded Content was a very discussed theme between the talks, the producers of the market, and crowded presentations. Mono had the pleisure of share the Ripilica’s Branded Content bodily with the brand Marisol and the content agency Singular, the project: Ripilica’s World.

BRANDED CONTENT em Animação: Saiba porque este assunto foi tão comentado no Rio Content Market 2017 2  - Mono Animation

Branded Content is an advertising strategy which brands can transmit their value through the content. It has been very commented for the last years because of his capacity to hold the audience’s attention - an audience that is part of a generation adverse to the kind of “intrusive” communication, that one who interrupts the programming.

With the infinite “zapping” of the remote control through the infinite options of channels for the audiences, the brands are in need of adapting their communications to grab attention, since the consumer’s behaviour changed and has increased the growing of plataforms of Video on Demand, online exhibitions services that inhibit almost completely the advertising among the videos – as Netflix, for example. Also a very commented topic at RCM, since SP Cine launched his streaming service dedicated to national movies.

Another big case is the creation of YouTube Kids, for bring new incentives for content in the whole world. The app of the channel YouTube came to Brasil in June of last year and now will come to the Smart TVs, as discussed in the presentations. In USA, the app launched by a year ago exceeds 10 millions of downloads and promise to be a safe place with specific content for the children, and that is an alternative that came just in time, since children’s advertising has been very criticized in the last few years.

BRANDED CONTENT em Animação: Saiba porque este assunto foi tão comentado no Rio Content Market 2017 3  - Mono Animation

With the restrictions imposed to the brands about the advertising for this public, the production of a content in different formats and placements its very important for the brands. In case of creating your own channel, as YouTube Kids, the brand starts to speak more constantly and directly with their target, in a intense way, and that demands a deeper and delicate approach that brings a full contact with their fans.

Marisol, for example, preserves and understand the responsibility of her influence to the children’s universe. The coproduction Mono and Singular created the Ripilica’s World, a project that demonstrates the subtlety of the conception of narratives and characters, that transmit value and communicates the brand without any impositions. This was fundamental between producers and the brand, here representate by Mario Paravisi (Manager of Brand Experience), and the structure was realized by professionals specialized in children’s content. Beyond the team Beth Carmona, Bruno Bask, Eduardo Nakamura, Rui Okusako and Vanessa Fort, the projects count with Humberto Avelar, Helio Ziskind, Ultrassom and more. Characters and worlds were created for invite children to live a beautiful friendship with adventure, songs and learning.

‘The project Ripilica’s World is very emblematic for all of us. In it we have the opportunity to give voice, life and personality to a koala who existed for 25 years, inanimate. The team meshed very well. A fantasy universe was created with sceneries and characters for an animated serie that transcribes the girl's adventures with their courage, poetry and sensibility to explore a world full of small challenges.’ - says Beth Carmona, Content Director of Singular.

'It become a wonderfull project in all senses. For the pleisure of working with professionals so competents, with content expertise for children, and the tuning with the brand team, that also deal with different situations with children for years. The emotion of the story in this world gives a special and respectful touch.'– says Bruno Bask, Animation Director of Mono Animation.– diz Bruno Bask, Diretor de Animação da MonoStudio.

In that way, the company’s communication becomes 360º, since appears in all of the children’s universes. There are plans to Ripilica’s World dialogue in different medias and channels, off and online, and even in parks, being part of their plays and daily journals. Its not disclosure yet the strategy and divulging.

Soon we’ll bring more about the backstages of this production and you’ll know more about the Lilica’s adventures and all his friends. Lets Ripilicate!

BRANDED CONTENT em Animação: Saiba porque este assunto foi tão comentado no Rio Content Market 2017 4  - Mono Animation