Festival de Annecy Online - Saiba como foi o Pitching virtual que realizamos de Pipas 1  - Mono Animation

Annecy Festival Online - Know more about the virtual Pitching we made for "Kites"

This year we had an unique online experience at the biggest international animation festival, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Know more!

Our project 'The Little Kites' (Pipas) has won the best animation series project award at Ventana Sur , december 2019. That guarantee a spot to present in June/2020 at MIFA/Annecy - the biggest event of animation business. The project was selected between 200 inscriptions at the ‘Animation!’ pitching session, at Buenos Aires, and now flies to Annecy.

The event could have been indefinitely postponed like the also french Cannes Festival, but the Annecy Festival occured from 15th to 30th June , exclusively this year entirely online.

The quarantine increased access to services like Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, and all distance communications, so the show can go on. The Annecy Festival occurred in their own platform, where the attendees could program themselves to watch live webinars or see the competitors at any time. The videos stayed in the platform, and it was a benefit so the attendees could watch 2 webinars that would be performed at the same time, for example.

Festival de Annecy Online - Saiba como foi o Pitching virtual que realizamos de Pipas 2  - Mono Animation

For this time, the selected projects had to pitch through a recorded video, instead of presenting it live. ‘The Little Kites’ project was part of Territory in Focus - La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana. The Mono’s creative director and author Bruno Bask, noted:

Although our will was to present it in person, the video presentation has a few advantages. We have the freedom to improve the storytelling with more control, regarding the project’s message and mood. It's important to understand that a 07 minutes video - that was the pitching time we had - can be considered too long to be watched online. At the same time, we feel that it is short for a live presentation. That’s why it's so important to use the audiovisual tools to make a dynamic edition, with songs, footages and animations, to be assertive and keep the jury attention on till the end.

A new scenario for Pitching

The pitching video was available in an exclusive link during the première until the festival’s ending. We believe that this made it possible for more interested people to access it, without being in a hurry, following their own schedule. The networking is also faster: just one click for send a message for the creators and investors.

it’s a complicated situation, in which we could change lunch memories, hallway conversation, meetings and etc for online interaction. But new moments will be created by video calls, emails, messages, etc. 

In this transitive moment, full of new habits, we need to be flexible to understand new platforms/media languages and audiences behaviors, keeping the soul of the project. Comprehension, creativity and flexibility are key elements for creating memorable moments.

Festival de Annecy Online - Saiba como foi o Pitching virtual que realizamos de Pipas 3  - Mono Animation

Animation Players and Consultancies

In the first ‘The Little Kites’ presentation for the international market, at Ventana Sur festival, we received consultancies from professionals of all Latin America. Every single one was very important to prepare the project for the industry. 

At Annecy, the meetings were online, using a chat tool inside the event’s platform. Every attendee needed to learn together how to use the platform and the best ways of networking on it, and that was comforting. With the possibility of schedule meetings inside the platform or using Google meet and other social media, it became easier to schedule meetings with more people, once we didn't have to meet them only at the festival dates, scheduling for a week with less webinars/talks, for example.

‘The great feedbacks we received in 2019 boosted the project and we are happy to present the news in Annecy. We are confident about the industry reception. Our little Kites start to take off around the world’, concludes Bruno.