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CGI Animation Studio and Production Company based in Brazil

Working in the industry for 13 years, we have learned 2 principles that have been keeping MONO working full blast and creating relevant content that is meaningful, fun and efficient:

Our strength comes from people

People are our main focus: coworkers, clients or facilitators. We are a team dedicated to thinking in the same direction, looking for ideas and developing projects with passion and fun. We are people collaborating with other people to pursue one common goal.

Our tools are art and technique

We are motivated by the willing to create huge animations and tell great stories. We add to these our passion for art and our continuous improvement on the mixed techniques. We enjoy the challenge to create, think, and search for the best technique, the best voice, and the best stroke. With stories that talk about universal subjects and the skills to shape and structure productions, we can talk to anyone in the world.

The Symbol

The monkey is a strong symbol in oriental culture that carries meanings of joy, intelligence, communication, agility, movement, creativity and perfectly symbolizes what Mono Animation has the best.

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Bruno Bask

Film | Creative Director

He is the Creative Director in the house and likes to develop stories and turns them into audiovisual narratives. This interest began in his childhood when he used to observe kites in the sky while playing with his friends and used his imagination. Nowadays, he still watches kids and feels the direction of the winds searching for inspiration to each new story and character. He has a degree in Advertisement and Filmmaking. Some of his films have been shown in festivals like Animamundi and Annecy, and TV shows on TV channels and internet.

Bask, by the way, is not his last name but a nickname that he still earned in high school. But this story we only count on having a coffee!

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Eduardo Nakamura

Art | Creative Director

Naka is a man of few words, but full of many drawings (traditional or digital). He has a degree in Advertising and is an illustrator since college when he started to create characters and illustrations. Since then he has found a new passion for CGI and specialized in modeling and in photorealistic rendering. His illustrations are on the spotlight and awarded in other countries. Art and Creative Director at Mono, he loves concept characters and leads the visual concepts of the jobs.

He surely is the “fake” Japanese among the trio. He is not into Sushi, but if someone says soccer and "fejuca" (Brazilian's pork and beans dish) he will come running.

Info 4  - Mono Animation

Rui Okusako

Head of Production

He started working with animation in the mid-2000s as a generalist focused on render/lighting and composition. He developed studies on 3D effects and programming for animation in real time. Hard worker, he did everything to build the teams and later he specialized on the processes of the line production. He has a degree in Advertising and always searches for new technologies and looks for practical solutions to the routine of the studio. Nowadays he coordinates the production at Mono and plans teams, feasibility, and workflows to the projects.


We want to produce content of animation that makes us believe in the most fun bright side of life. We can talk to several audiences by using diversified languages. We create 2D and CGI animation with excellence. We delivery productions with quality, from the storyboard to the final version of the animation. We pursuit that the brazilian animation gains more and more visibility.


Breath is necessary to tell great stories. Here, the magic between characters and stories does happen. Long and short movies, TV shows and games, national and international projects, personal films, coproductions and productions that we are proud to sign and believe in from the beginning until the end. Nowadays we produce and manage large content projects, with well-known partners as Discovery Kids, Disney Channel, NatGeo Kids, and ZooMoo.


The big challenge in Advertisement nowadays is to communicate with content, be relevant and also have a strong relationship with customers. We help to tell great stories, co-creating and producing high quality and fun materials to campaigns that the different purposes of a brand, whether they are commercial or social or environmental.


With experience in several cases in the area, we assist companies in the production of communication with creative solutions for the most different situations. Animation is a light and fun alternative to communicate all kinds of messages covering the most different audiences. From script to completion, we put our know-how into practice to guide and point out the best solutions in animation that meet the content demands of each client.

Mono Animation - Animation for great stories.