Buba e o Aquecimento Global 1  - Mono Animation
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Buba and The Global Warming

Buba and The Global Warming

Bruno Bask and Eduardo Nakamura

Short/Pilot | Transmedia project


Short developed to test the project visual art. The short was selected at different festivals and shows its efficiency by winning the prizes:

Buba e o Aquecimento Global 2  - Mono Animation


The narrative is based on the pre-historic set, full of natural resources, untouched nature and environments related to modern times. The adventures begin when our characters, by need or pure fun, interact with the environment using their resources without care, causing the biggest ecological disasters of his time. And they pay the price for it, in a very fun way.


BUBA is a stubborn caveman, who has very bad habits. Although he tries to use his rational side, intelligence is not his strong point. But he is not a bad person; he likes to discover and explore new tools. He communicates with his pet Dino by moaning. As he always has final word, his actions always put him and Dino in embarrassing situations.
DINO, Buba’s pet-dinosaur is a loyal partner for all their adventures. Dino’s behavior is similar to that of a pet, he is playful, institutive and emotional in his reactions. Dino always gets a grasp of the situations they are involved in before Buba does, but Buba hardly ever listens to him. As he is a always loyal to Buba, he ends being an accomplice to Buba’s action which have catastrophic consequences for the environment.