Capa Diario de Pilar, com personagem ao centro e logos Nat Geo Kids, Mono Animation e Diário de Pilar, a série.

Pilar's Diary - 3D Animated Series | Nat Geo Kids

Pilar's Diary animated series will release on 17th February at Nat Geo Kids!

Inspired by the best-seller books written by Flávia Lins e Silva, the co-production between Mono Animation and Nat Geo Kids tells the story of Pilar, a 10 years old little girl who wants to meet the whole world and cultures.

Pilar, her cat Samba and her friend Breno go into a magic hammock and travel to different worlds and times, like Greek, China, and the Andes cordillera. Everywhere they go, they come across mythological creatures, unusual habits, surprising flavors. When they come back, they are changed, they see the world through different eyes and they share the lessons learned with their friends at Guavaland (Goiabão) – a vacant lot, where the gang meets to play and chat.



At age 10, Pilar views the world in a unique way. She is constantly asking questions and she doesn’t accept things as they are. Super curious, She has a thirst for knowledge and that’s the reason why she jokes about suffering from "geographic greed". Not even the words in the dictionary seem to be enough for her, who is always inventing new words and even swear words. On each trip, she learns something new and faces small changes that she embodies into her daily life. She has a whistle collection to attract birds, and keeps many objects in her super-pocket that seems to be endless. She plays the guitar and sings in Guavaband (Goiabanda). She loves playing with her friends at Guavaland, a vacant lot next to the building where she lives.

Diario de Pilar


Breno is Pilar's best friend and also her neighbor. They are both members of the Guavaland gang. Unlike Pilar, he is quite rational and more suspicious than her. Full of crazy ideas, he always finds new purposes for things that already exist or tries to create new things.

3D Animation


Pilar's cat loves to eat and is quite curious. He tries all kinds of food and falls easily in love with the creatures he meets along the way. He is fearful, but when it comes to protecting Pilar, he is the first one to attack, almost like a "watch cat".

Yolanda (Yoyô)

She is crazy about music and she always has her headphones on. She wears jogging clothes, DJ style. She is upbeat, always positive and doesn't argue with anyone. Open-minded, she believes music can solve everything. A little distracted, sometimes she doesn’t even notice the problems around her. She plays the percussion in Guavaband.


She’s 10 years old and lives in Pilar's street. She is very into numbers and is always working with numbers. Fairly rational and organized, she is always neat and doesn’t like getting dirty. She plays the keyboard in Guavaband and helps organize Tapioca Festivals and gang's meetings.



He is athletic and sports enthusiast. He likes running, playing tennis, riding, and loves a good competition. A bit competitive, sometimes he picks on others and challenges everyone to beat him at a race or any other kind of competition. He plays the bass in Guavaband.


Pilar creates special videos to show us a little bit more of her world! 

Pilar and her friends Breno and Samba prepare a special gadget to the Magic Hammock, test the limits of her Super-Pocket and she shows us her favorit things, including her Favorite Foodand how did she find her "watch cat", Samba. Take a look!


The animated series Pilar's Diary has special guests from MPB (Brazilian popular music) for the soundtrack!

The singer Carlinhos Brown compose the opening theme with his son, Chico Brown, and his daughters are the vocal of the song. The song “Pilar” talks about the protagonist and the lyrics and arrangement was made by Arnaldo Antunes and his son Tomé. The female singer Céu is responsible for “Goiabão”(Guavaland), that presents the vacant lot next to the building where Pilar and Breno live and where the gang meets. Lenine its the vocal of “Pilar Além Mar” (Pilar overseas), with the lyrics of Flavia Lins and musical arrangement of André Mehmari.

André Mehmari is responsible for the incidental music and Musical Direction of the whole series.

cantor Carlinhos Brown em Diario de Pilar

As Aventuras do Diário de Pilar (The Adventures of Pilar's Diary) 
Lyrics: Carlinhos Brown and Chico Brown
Vocal: Clara Buarque, Carlinhos Brown, Chico Brown
Song and Arrangements: Carlinhos Brown and Chico Brown

cantor Arnaldo Antunes em Diario de Pilar

Lyrics: Arnaldo Antunes
Song and Arrangements: Tomé Antunes, Betão Aguiar, Curumin
Vocals: Arnaldo Antunes, Rosa Antunes, Celeste Antunes, Tomé Antunes

cantor Lenine em Diario de Pilar

Pilar Além Mar (Pilar Overseas)
Lyrics: Flavia Lins
Song and Arrangements: André Mehmari
Vocal: Lenine

cantora Ceu em Diario de Pilar

Goiabão (Guavaland) 
Lyrics: Céu
Song and Arrangements: Pupillo
Vocal: Céu


The animated series has special casting for the original voices!

Pilar is interpreted by Carol Valença, Breno by Bruno Dias and her cat Samba wins life by the voice of Italo Luiz, who also plays Edu. The gang completes with Susana (Bruna Guerín ) and Yoyô ( Rita Almeida ).

Besides the constant characters, the series has the original voice of big brazilian actors for special characters. Dani Suzuki is Yeh Shen and the goddess Xi Wang Mu, Daphne Bozaski is Fang Fang, Mel Lisboa is Yma and Thiago Lacerda is The Owner of the Mine and the Emperor.

Dani Suzuki e as personagens que interpretou em Diario de Pilar
Thiago Lacerda e as personagens que interpretou em Diario de Pilar
Mel Lisboa e a personagem que interpretou em Diario de Pilar
Daphne Bozaski e a personagem que interpretou em Diario de Pilar

All actors recorded original voices for being a model for the characters’ acting at the digital. The voices helped the storyboard artists to give impressions and emotions for the scenes.