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Institutional Security Video

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Security Movie Trailer at Movie Theaters

Cineflix Show

Bruno Bask

Head of Production
Rui Ok


Selected at Comissioned Films (portfolio) AnimaMundi – 2014

Selected at Mostra Especial Commissioned Films em Homenagem à Animação Brasileira no Festival Internacional de Animação “Annecy 2018”.

Cineflix has reached us because they were looking for a different way to present to their security institutional video. With the briefing in our hands, we decided to create a funny story that takes place at the Circus, but we changed the traditional way to inform people about the security protocols. Including the creation of fun characters like the presenter, the Monkey, the Strong Man, the Equilibrist, Magician, Bullet Man, knives Thrower, Target-Woman, FireClown and the BandMan. They represent the Circus universe at the movie theater e were remarkable to the audience as the icons of Cineflix franchises: "Here is the house of fun!" 

The project was also awarded in the biggest Animation Festival in Latin America, Animamundi. In 2018 it was one of the 30 projects chosen to be presented as the Special Commissioned Films, a celebration to 100 years of Brazilian Animation, at Annecy Festival - the most well known animation festival in the world.

Meet also the new movie: "Circus breaks into the Cinema": Click the link!

O Circo Invade o Cinema!

Os personagens de Circo do primeiro trailer ficaram marcados na memória do público como representantes da rede de cinemas, e voltam para se apresentar novamente. Confira o novo filme:

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