Experiência Real-time Rock in Hellmann’s 1  - Mono Animation
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Real-time Experience Rock in Hellmann’s

Rock in Hellmann’s: Real-time Interactivity of Hellmann’s at Rock In Rio 2015

The two characters Tiago and Tomas appear on Rock In Rio to bring the fresh news about the event. Public tweeted #rockinhellmanns and could have their tweets commented on the big screen of the event and also later on the YouTube Channel. The technology we develop was enabled to deliver videos of 30'' to 1'30 in a really short time. The body movements of the characters were previously animated and programmed for being chosen at the moment we captured the actor's expressions. The facial expressions of the actor were real-time captured with markless sensors, via software faceware.


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Agency / Producer
Cubocc / TheKumite

André Holzmeister

Rock in Rio and YouTube Channel

Marco Gonçalves

Development and Animation
Mono Animation

Capture and Location
Dot Motion Studio

Real-time tecnology

Director (Mono)
Bruno Bask