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AACD Friendly Arms | Beneficent Animation Film

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Friendly Arms

Agency / Institution

SBT / Teleton

Bruno Bask and Eduardo Nakamura

3D Animation

Production by
Mono Animation

Sound Design
track ‘Leo’, of Norwegian artist Mari Persen

Animation Director

Bruno Bask and Eduardo Nakamura

Head of Production

Rui Okusako

Art Director

Eduardo Nakamura

Project Manager

Virginia Carvalho

Director Assistant

Thayne Waleska

CG Supervisor

Rodrigo Augusto


Barbara Costa, Bruno Bask, Eduardo Nakamura, Fabio Pugliese, Leonardo Krause, Lucas Malaquias, Radamés Araujo, Renan Nunes, Samuel Sathler and Thayne Waleska

Modeling/Texture/ Rig

Daniel Brito, Eduardo Nakamura, Gabriel Mengui, Gabriel Pieri, Henrique Ribeiro, Leandro Marcondes, Raquel Tamashiro, Rubens Alves


Eduardo Nakamura, Eric Barbosa, Lucas Malaquias

3D Layout

Leonardo Krause

Animation Supervisor

Radamés Araujo

3D Animation

Ary Monteiro, Barbara Costa, Fabiano Gama, Fabio Pugliese, Felipe Carpinetti, Flávia Trevisan, Lucas Barbosa, Murilo Barbelli, Patrick Botton, Radamés Araujo, Renan Nunes, Rogério Britto, Samuel Sathler, Yuri Gnu


Rodrigo Augusto

Compositing / Editing / Delivery

Lucas Malaquias, Marco Antonio, Rui Barbosa, Rui Okusako

Commercial /Adm

Marianna Hiemisch, Jéssica Reis, Mônica Nogueira


Finalista no Festival ComKids – Prix Jeunesse Ibero Americano 2019

Seleção Animamundi 2019

AKQA São Paulo, Mono and Prodigo get united to create the intimate and sensitive film “Friendly Arms”, the story of how a shy boy without arms is encouraged to dance without inhibition thanks to the playful encouragement of friends. All started with the film’s protagonist inspiration, the boy Samuel, who received treatment from AACD Hospital after losing both arms while kite flying.

The film was exhibited on Teleton, accompanied to a special live dance performance featuring Samuel and actress Duda Pimenta (“The Adventures of Poliana”) on Saturday, November 10. All compose with the charming and emotive track ‘Leo’, of Norwegian artist Mari Persen.

Edson Brito, Head of Marketing at AACD said: “I hope this loving, delicate film will raise awareness, encouraging Brazilian and international audiences to make donations for our vital and continuing work.” Donations can be made through SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, QR Code and Pic Pay.

Mono Studio directors, Bruno Bask and Eduardo Nakamura said: “In this film, we could amplify how soulful attitudes can transform lives. Samuel’s spirit and courage to overcoming physical trauma and emotional barriers became our motivation, encouraging everyone to immerse themselves in the project and appreciate the joy of living.”


Our heartfelt THANKS to all the ones who make this idea turns into reality!

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