Mundo Ripilica - As Aventuras de Lilica, A Coala - Discovery Kids | Série de Animação 1  - Mono Animation
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Ripilica's World – The Adventures of Lilica, a Koala - Discovery Kids | Animated Series

Animated Series and Games

Realization by
Marisol S/A

Mono Animation and Singular

Sound Design
Ultrassom Music Ideas

Discovery Kids
1st and 2nd seasons


Created by
Beth Carmona, Bruno Bask, Eduardo Nakamura and Vanessa Fort

Humberto Avelar

Executive Producer
Beth Carmona

Script Coordinator
Vanessa Fort

Head of Production
Rui Okusako

Songs by
Helio Ziskind


Animation Director
Bruno Bask and Eduardo Nakamura

Art Director/ Character Design
Eduardo Nakamura

Project Coordinator
Rubens Alves e Rui Okusako

Project Manager
Leila Naomi

Production by
Paula de Oliveira

Vanessa Fort

Script Assistant
Raíssa B. Kaspar

Musical Direction
Ruben Feffer (Binho)

Visual Development
Eduardo Nakamura, Gabriel Mengui, Rodrigo Augusto, Rubens Alves and Rui Okusako

Concept Art
Eduardo Nakamura, Fernando Nakutis and Rubens Alves

Project Coordinator
Gabriel Mengui
Rui Okusako

Project Manager
Virginia Carvalho

Production Assistant
Thayne Waleska

CG Supervisor
Rodrigo Augusto and Rui Okusako

Matte Paintings/ Textures
Daniel Brito, Eduardo Nakamura, Fernando Nakutis, Gabriel Mengui, Gabriel Pieri, Guilherme Grandizolli and Rubens Alves


Danilo Mussolini
Mário Júnior
Filipe Oliveira da Silva


Storyboard Supervisor
Humberto Avelar

Storyboard / Animatic
Eduardo Nakamura
Gabriel Pieri
Samuel Fonseca

Layout Supervisor
Radamés Araujo

3D Layout
Leonardo Cadaval, Lucas Barbosa, Lucas Peres, Murilo Barbelli, Samuel Sathler, Stephanie Doppler

Angelo Gadelha, Eduardo Nakamura, Eric Cândido, Felipe Bassi, Gabriel Mengui e Rubens Alves

Danilo Pinheiro, Gabriel Mengui, Henrique Ribeiro, Jorge Malheiro, Leonardo Cadaval and Rubens Alves

Animation Supervisor
Leonardo Cadaval, Radamés Araújo e Renan Nunes

2D Animation
Lucas Malaquias, Marco Antônio e Rui Barbosa

3D Animation
Ary Monteiro, Bárbara Costa, Fabiano Gama, Flavia Trevisan, Leonardo Cadaval Lucas Barbosa, Murillo Barbelli, Odair Martins, Radamés Araújo, Renan Nunes, Rodrigo Mendes, Rogério Brito, Samuel Sathler and Yuri Gnu

Compositing / Editing / Delivery
Lucas Malaquias, Marco Antonio, Rui Barbosa e Rui Okusako

Commercial / Financial (Mono)
Jéssica Reis, Marianna Hiemisch
and Mônica Nogueira

Adm/ Financial (Singular)
Leila Baesso and Sandra Alves


Sound Design

Direction and Musical Production
Ruben Feffer

Musical Production and Additional Tracks
Fê Stok and Wem


Musical Production Assistant
Rodrigo Custódio

Keyboard and Programming
Ruben Feffer

Editing and Creation of the Tracks

Ukulele, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Programming

Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Keyboard and Programming
Fê Stok

Sound Design e Foley
Caio Gox, Fernando Recchia and Juliana Lopes

Record and Sound Mixing
André Tadeu and Carlos Paes

Production by
Juliana Calazans e Marô Blanques

Production Assistant
Beatriz Leoni

Erika Marques

Executive Direction
Flavia Prats Feffer

Post Production
Ultrassom Music Ideas


Opening Theme - "World Ripilica"


Lyrics and Song by
Hélio Ziskind

Musical Arrangement and Production
Fê Stok e Ruben Feffer

Bruna Guerin and Isabella Guarnieri

Keyboard and Programming
Ruben Feffer

Guitar, Bass and Acoustic Guitar
Fê Stok


“Brincar pra Crescer”

Lyrics and Song by

Musical Arrangement and Production


Bruna Guerin and Isabella Guarnieri

Bass, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Programming, Drums and Keyboard

Voice Direction
Hugo Picchi

Lilica and Joana
Bruna Guerin

Isabella Guarnieri

Guido and Lili Pet
Adrian Tatini



“Casa da Árvore”, “Que ovinho é esse?” e “Zép e os Balões”


Online games and APP


Animation, 3D/2D illustration



Mono e Sioux


Portal Mundo Ripilica (


Download on Apple Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android)




3D Animated Series

Ripilica's World – The Adventures of Lilica, a Koala its a 3D animated series we create and produce from the brand Marisol's desire to connect with children through entertainment, with quality and responsability. It is a special project of Branded Content for brazilian children audience, outcome of a collaborative project between the brand Marisol, and the co-producers Singular - Media and Content and Mono Animation.

Meet the adventures of Lilica, a koala, and her friend Donna, in a world of fantasy and adventure. Ripilica's World is a place where dreams come true. The Lilica and Donna's mission is, together with her friends, to solve the challenges presented by each episode. All stories are inspired by friendship and freedom. The series also talks about respect, empathy, union and cooperation.

Mobile Games

Besides the animated series on Youtube and on Discovery Kids, kids can get even more involved with the app "Ripilica's World - The Adventures of Lilica, a Koala!". They are games about nature, fantasy, adventures, full of imagination and fun.

In Ripilica's World - The adventures of Lilica, a Koala, kids are invited to explore the world of Ripilica's World and inspired to create their own games with Lilica and Donna.

They are 3 incredible games with many challenging levels. Explore this dynamic world that changes from day to night when you command, play on the house tree and unlock much news as you have fun.

Baixe os jogos na App Store ou Google Play

Behind the Scenes: The Art of Ripilica's World

Ripilica's World is a place of great discovers and adventures. Approaching to children imagination, the series wants to increase creativity and dreams.


The series universe transit between the "real world" and the Ripilica's World. The real world is where Donna lives, and Lilica is inanimate, being Donna's plush koala. In each episode, Lilica and Donna face a question or desire, what takes them to the Ripilica's World for the adventure beginning.

Araucaria Forest and Guidos Village are the sets of fantastical beings that reveals childhood's humor and imagination. Create, unravel the secrets of time, changes, uncertainties and autonomy are some of the values who give birth to the stories of Ripilica's World.


Lilica is Donna's best friend, and they are the stars of this world. Lilica, a plush doll, comes alive and becomes a partner in this world of nature and fantasy: an expression of playing outdoors is a need for child development.


Rio Content Market 2017 - Palestra about the project

Finalist at Prêmio FIESP / SESI de Tv e Cinema 2018, as Best Animated Serie and Best TV show (Popular Choice).

Exhibited at Mostra de Cinema Infantil de Florianópolis 2018 e 2019.

Selected as Children Short at Festival Anima Mundi 2019.

Selected at Festival Cine e Infancia y Adolescencia, from Bogotá, Colombia.

Selected at DIVERCINE – Festival Internacional de cine para niños y jovenes (Uruguay) 2019.