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Evil Pests - Syngenta - Animated Webseries

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Evil Pests

webserie of terror movie trailers, Branded Content

“A Nightmare on Soy Street”, “Sugar Cane Cemetery” and “Strange Cotton”



Bruno Bask and Eduardo Nakamura

3D Animation

Head of Production
Rui Okusako

Production by
Mono Animation

Sound Design
Casa Aberta

Art Director

Eduardo Nakamura

CG Supervisor

Rodrigo Augusto


Jessica Pinheiro

Rui Okusako


Marcelo Gavini

Concept Art/Matte Paintings

Eduardo Nakamura

Guilherme Grandizolli

Leandro Marcondes

Gabriel Pieri

Storyboard/ Animatic

Eduardo Nakamura

Eric Leone

Gabriel Pieri

Lucas Malaquias

Lucas Eric

Lucas Barbosa

Murilo Barbelli

Patrick Botton

Renan Nunes

Rogério Britto

Samuel Sathler

Yuri Gnu

Look Dev/Render

Daniel Brito

Jorge Malheiro


Eduardo Nakamura

Jorge Malheiro

Maicow Silva


Danilo Pinheiro

Henrique Ribeiro

3D Layout

Fabio Pugliese

Leonardo Krause

Animation Supervisor

Radamés Araújo


Ary Monteiro

Barbara Costa

Fabiano Gama

Fábio Pugliese

Felipe Carpinetti

Flávia Trevisan

Maicow Silva

Rodrigo Augusto


Eric Cândido


Marco Antonio

Rui Barbosa

Sound Design 

Casa Aberta Estúdio


Seleção Portfolio/Comissioned Films Animamundi 2019

The small and unprotected harvest of Soy, Sugar Cane and Cotton are being threatened by evil creatures: the Bed Bug, the little Cicada and the Boll Weevil. They are real pests and are so scary that they could be the monsters of a horror movie. That is why we present the trailers of "Evil Pests", a CGI animated branded content project that we produced to Syngenta. In these teasers, the harvests protect themselves from these terrible monsters. Soon on your plantation fields...

A Nightmare on Soy Street

A parody of the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and his villain Freddy Krueger. The Bedbug is a psychopath that hunts and threatens the little soy. When she is about to get caught, she wakes up and realizes that she was just having a nightmare. But in the end, another scary moment leaves a question: Is the nightmare going to come true and catch the little soy?

Sugar Cane Cemetery

It is like they are recording a movie with an amateur camera, a reference to the famous movie "The Blair Witch", two sugar canes are at the plantation field at night. They want to know where the threatening noise is coming. When they think that it was just a hallucination. the big threat finally appears and is busted by the camera: the cursed little cicada.

Strange Cotton

A parody of "Stranger Things", mommy cotton tries to protect her son - who is just a seed- from a threat that comes from the inverted world: the terrifying Boll Weevil.

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