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Tim Super Chip | CuboCC | Real-time Interativity

The Tim Super Chip campaign was created to produce plenty of videos in a short time. The idea was also to reproduce the manners of the actor for our character, the Tim Super Chip.

We elaborate a sequence of films with a live and interactive capture of the actor for the character, where we capture his facial movements and expressions in real time to transport to the character's software. And to give more life to the character's animation, we also previously create the hair and hands movements for real-time transpose based on actor's performance for the character.

To quick deliver the videos, we capture the actor in a single studio day and the post-production was made in a week. Even though, it would be a really short time to a traditional rendering; so, keeping the agility of the project, we also post-produced the videos in a short time using specialized software for games.